First Summer Blast Fun Extracurricular Activity Announced 
Friday March 19th 2021 

Scotch Rocks! Stuart Cassells, the founder and former frontman of the Red Hot Chilli Pipers, and the current general manager of The Macallan Estate in Speyside, Scotland will present a virtual whisky and piping appreciation event.

PPBSO Announces a Summer Blast! 
Friday March 19th 2021 

At the inaugural town hall on Saturday, February 27th, new president Michael Grey announced the PPBSO’s first step towards launching educational opportunities for members.  

Taking place from Monday July 5th to Friday July 9th 2021, Summer Blast! will offer a virtual week-long summer school in piping, drumming, bass and tenor drumming tuition for all abilities and ages.  

Drawing from Ontario’s leading exponents of piping and drumming, tuition will be offered by John Cairns, Ken Eller, Michael Grey, Reagan Jones, Jim McGillivray, Doug Stronach and Bob Worrall, the school’s director. 

This is the first time in the PPBSO’s 74-year history that it has organized a summer school. 

“It took us 74 years but our Summer Blast! school is worth the wait,” says Michael Grey, president of the PPBSO. “In the tradition of all great summer schools, it’s shaping up to present an epic and memorable experience for attendees.”  

Tuition will take place in four, one-hour sessions daily, using the zoom platform. In addition to twenty hours of tuition that will be offered in a variety of styles and formats, daily extracurricular activities will be included in the price of registration.

Summer Blast school is offering 2021 PPBSO members a special rate of $280 for the week, a 20% discount on the regular registration fee. This special pricing more than offsets the cost of renewing 2021 membership to the PPBSO within the registration fee. The regular (non-PPBSO member) registration is $350CAN. (Approx. $280 USD)

Full registration will be open next week, and as a bonus incentive, registrations received on or before April 30th will be entered in an early bird draw to win a free place in the school.