Everything You Need to Know

Will I be provided with music or scores in advance of the school?

Yes! You’ll receive tunes and scores for any that you’ll be working on within one week of the school. Don’t worry about “learning” or “going over” the tunes in advance. Just have them ready at your fingertips so you can easily see them during class sessions.

Will I be working on a variety of time signatures and musical idioms?

You won’t be overloaded with a pile of tunes to learn but you will be offered a good variety of tunes that will represent a good cross-section of the music of the pipes and drums.

Will the classes deal with instrument setup, maintenance, and tuning? 

We sure will! In addition to instrument tuning we will have a complete deep-dive review of the best tips to ensure every aspect of your pipes or drum is maintained in top-top shape. You’ll leave Summer Blast! knowing when - and how - to easily and effectively address most any problem that might arise

Will I have a chance to play my own pipes?

We’re online but live in our respective locations! With simple adjustments of our computer levels - and good use of the “mute” feature - we’ll all have a chance to play our pipes and be heard by the instructor and one another!

Will I be given clues and strategies to help me improve my technical proficiency?

Technique - how you move your fingers, wrists or arms - is an important part of making the best music you can. Our experienced teaching team will have the tips and tricks that will help you smoothly along your personal path to be your best.

Will there be drumming rudiments and exercises available?

Yes!  Being confident with the basics and regularly using exercises is one of the best ways to maintain and improve skills.  Understanding technique is also part of those skills.

Will I be shown how to effectively express and phrase music?

It’s not all about technique - phrasing and colour and all the little things we do to enhance the rhythm and melody of a tune will be a feature of your learning experience!


Can I record my classes?

Each individual instructor will have a perspective on class recording. To make the most of the lessons it might make sense to ask the class instructor to record a sample of the tune or expertise you are working on. That said, just check with your instructor before recording!

Will instructors be able to provide recorded examples of the music being covered?

Yes!  Samples of music that we're working on will be shared for both pipers and drummers.

There's two options for registration fees, which applies to me?

If you're not a current member of the Pipers' & Pipe Band Society of Ontario (PPBSO) then it's the regular fee of $350 CAD (approx. $280 USD). 


If you're a fully paid-up 2022 PPBSO member, it's a special rate of $280 CAD.

What does my registration fee cover?

Your registration fee covers:

  • five days of classes;

  • entry to any bonus sessions.

When will I know my class schedule and who will be teaching me?

You’ll know your class schedule by the end of June.  Drop a line anytime should you have any questions related to the schedule - or the school generally!  Keep in mind we will be scheduling classes based on EST (time zone).

How do I register for the school?

Easy!  Just follow the link to the registration page.  Fill out the registration form and go through the payment process.  Once registered and paid you'll hear from us via email with more details prior to the start of the school.

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Classes will be held using Zoom conferencing.  What do I need to do to prepare?

The Zoom conferencing platform is great for online schools.  All you have to do is download the app onto your computer then use the code you will be given to join your sessions.  Check out this video for some easy to follow instructions: HERE

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