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After 25 years of full time teaching in many parts of the world, Bruce makes his living teaching piping full time in Halifax, Nova Scotia with an ever growing stable of students coming to his work office at the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site or his Clubhouse Studio in person or via computer as he is one of the most in demand teachers on the growing “skype” network with over 50 students coming online to see him regularly.


Alongside the in-home teaching, Bruce has also launched a “learn a tune with Bruce” project on his website. Here, pipers the world over can now download a full package to learn how to play Bruce’s compositions, complete with mp3’s and video instruction. 2019 saw Bruce bring a new initiative to the learning site with his full length Piobaireachd learning videos. Each Tune “package” contains 3 or 4 videos going deep into the tunes for better understanding of the great music. Most of these tunes have between ½ hour and 45 minutes of instruction and our getting terrific reviews.


Finally, to compliment his lifelong love of Piobaireachd and working with people on the internet, Bruce has introduced the very popular “clubhouse sessions” series where he conducts a live workshop in his own clubhouse at home, while streaming the workshop to other players all over the world. “The world has entered into a new phase and we have to stay on top. I am very happy to be contributing in a positive way here and advancing the teaching methods through the use of technology.

2020 also saw the release of his long-awaited non-fiction book titled “Performance, Delivering Your Own Awesome. Now available in all forms including ebook and newly released audiobook.


Bruce has been a professional Artist for over 40 years. He is in demand around the world for Teaching, competing, workshop instruction and composing music.

Bruce has released 4 books of bagpipe music through his Bruce Gandy Music Website dating back to 1989. He has more recently offered more of his music to other collectors to help bring variety to their collections as well.  With over 200 tunes published, Bruce is one of the worlds most prolific composers. He has been commissioned to compose  between 45 and 50 special pieces for a variety of occasions, for many different organizations and Individuals. Bruce’s tunes can be heard in bands from all four corners of the earth.


Bruce’s contribution to piping is not small either. He may be the only person ever to win the Prestigious JB Robertson Medal for Marches at London playing his own composition and also his own compositions on the same day winning the Hornpipe and Jig event at the same contest.


Bruce has also won 3 different composing competitions for specialized pieces and in 1998 had 2 tunes featured in the top 5 in the special “Pipe Tune for the People’s Princess”

Bruce’s book 3 and 4 were voted as Pipe music product of the year


The leading magazine in the world  Pipe|Drums awarded Bruce

‘World Competitive Piper of the year” in 2003 and again, in an unprecedented message to the world, a joint award with his son Alex for being the only father/son to ever play at the Glenfiddich Championship in 2018.

In 2020, while the world suffered through the pandemic, Bruce made himself even more visible with teaching, workshops, competing, and performing recitals in an effort to keep the music strong within people’s hearts in spite of having the “live” atmosphere taken from us all. This lead Pipes|Drums to award Bruce “World Piper of the Year” for 2020.

If that was not enough, in 2020, Bruce released his long awaited Non-fiction book titled. “Performance- Delivering your Own Awesome” This book was also voted as #1 product of the year for 2020


At a recent competition ( online ) held in Vancouver Canada, Bruce won the MacCrimmon for Piobaireachd for the 8th time( bagpiping’s classical music) and tied a world record with Fellow Canadian piping friend Jack Lee as the only two to have one a “Major” bagpiping event in 5 consecutive decades with his first win coming in 1982


In 2017 , Bruce was ranked #4 all time in a list of the 15 greatest living Canadian Piper’s and Drummers.


Ever grateful for the teaching, guidance and friendships made through piping over the years, in 2011 Bruce started the “Bruce Gandy Bagpiping Development Society), soon to be renamed Gandy Bagpiping Foundation. This small society has grown substantially over the years and now provides tuition scholarships to deserving pipers, in an effort to keep the music and learning alive in Canada.


Bruce’s awards are too numerous to list but some highlights would be

-Highland Society of London Gold Medal At Inverness 2002 Highland ---Society of London Gold Medal At Oban Scotland 2003

-Canadian Gold Medal

-Senior Piobaireachd at Oban

-Former Winners March, Strathspey and Reel at Inverness

-Winner of all light music events at both Oban and Inverness

-3 times runner up or tied for 2nd at the Prestigious Glenfiddich Piping Championship-

-Bratach Gorm (Blue Banner) at London 2003

-Overall at London 2017

-United States Piping Foundation Champion 6 times

-BC Pipers Annual Gathering Champion 7 times

-Metro Cup New York 8 times

-Marches at Maxville ( North American championships)14 times

-Overall at North American Championships 9 times

-World Pipe Band Championships 1987

-Guided the Pasadena Scots to the World Championship in 2019

-15 times North American Pipe Band Championships

-Youngest competitor to play in a Grade one competing band at 12

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